Ethnic Data

Hispanic Households

TOTAL FILE: 13,850,478 BASE PRICE:$65.00/M
Note: /M = per 1000

There has been a dramatic increase in the U.S. Hispanic population in recent years and it is having a significant impact on the American economy and its cultural landscape. U.S. Hispanic buying power has grown over 156% in the past 7 years to approximately $452 billion, a phenomenal increase that will keep climbing as the number of Hispanics continues to grow.

This file is compiled from subscribers, responders, census track data, and the application of the “LSDI Proprietary Ethnic Encoding System” to a nationwide household database.

Income $5.00/M
Age $5.00/M
Marital Status
Mail Order Buyer
Magazine Subscriber
Computer Owner $5.00/M
Donor $5.00/M
Religion $5.00/M
Book Buyer $5.00/M
Credit Card Holder $5.00/M
Homeowner $5.00/M
FICO $5.00/M
Length of Residence $5.00/M
Presence of Children $5.00/M
Age of Child Present $5.00/M
Occupation $5.00/M
Telephones $25.00/M


Minimum Order 5,000


Pressure Sensitive Labels
Telemarketing Cards
CD-ROM / ZIP Tape / Diskette / E-Mail
$35.00 FLAT


Orders Cancelled after original mail date require payment in full. Orders cancelled prior to original mail date are subject to $50/List, $10/M running charge, format charges and shipping costs.


NCOA’d quarterly, new names added monthly.
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