New Residents


There are over 1.7 million people that move in the United States each month. Reaching these moving targets at the right time can prove to be very rewarding for direct marketers and service providers. LSDI’s New Mover file is one of the most comprehensive files available today. By using a multi source compilation methodology, we capture about 80% of all moves. The list is updated monthly and is used by grocery and department stores, restaurants, beauty salons, dentists and chiropractors to name a few.

We have made this file available to both large and small mailers. This list has a “no minimum” feature and is available by subscription. This means you could have all the new movers in a particular zip code(s) sent to you each month automatically, without the need to reorder each time.

The names are available on peel and stick labels, printout or on disk. Call your account representative for more details at 800-371-5487.


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