Opt-In Email Marketing

List Service Direct is a leading provider of opt-in email marketing products, offering the best in email lists and email deployment solutions to help you build the most effective email marketing campaign for your needs.

Popular Uses

Email Marketing can be used in many creative and effective ways. Use it to boost product and service awareness, change your brands identity, or tell the world about your great new product or service. As with all great marketing options, test it out, Email Marketing may just be the right method for you.

Opt in Email Products

Email Broadcasting:

Sending an email is easy – but actually delivering your email to a customer’s inbox requires a unique combination of service expertise and advanced technology.

We provide the industry’s most complete email technology and services.

Send your message to more than 200 million double opt-in emails. Track your progress with campaign delivery and reporting tools.

Email Appending & Acquisition:

Our database consists of over 200 Million double opt-in email addresses. We use a permission pass process to eliminate individuals who don’t want to receive offers as well as remove bounce backs.

  • We match your database to the addresses in our email database to find all prospect emails
  • Deliver a text only email to all prospect emails. Email will inform them that we have a special invitation or offer that we’d like to email to them, if they’d like to opt out they can click here.
  • We will remove all the opt outs as well as the bounce backs
  • We charge you for the “Å“good”emails left over from this process


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