Non-Profit Lists

The Largest Non-Profit Database on the Planet!

We offer the best selection of not-for-profit names in the industry. Whether you need clubs, organizations, foundations, libraries, hospitals, social workers, or other selections, we’re sure to have your perfect non-profit list.

Some Popular Non-Profit Selections

When it comes to making your selections for your not for profit lists, the most popular two variables requested are type of activity and asset size. From there, your target list can be focused according to your geographic area, and even further by adding gender, name of organization, and other selects. Once your ideal list has been defined, we offer you purchasing flexibility. By arranging list suppression with your representative, you can take some names now and some later, without duplication . You can also either purchase your one-time list, or you might choose to buy one of our subscription packages for better value.


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