Data Enhancement

LSDI Data Enhancement

We know that quality is of the utmost importance, and therefore we offer complete solutions for data hygiene and enhancements. We also offer a full range of data appending, data cleansing and verification services that will ensure that your data is the most up-to-date that it can be.

Appending Services:

  • Phone Appending Services: Append your customer list with the most reliable phone data available. Our phone database is compiled from multiple sources including telephone companies, cable providers, credit bureau data and public record information.
  • Demographic Appending Services: Using our compiled consumer database we can append hundreds of demographic data points to your database. This compiled consumer database is a multi-source database which includes multiple sources.Popular Consumer Appends include: Age, Date of Birth, Homeowner, Home Value, Marital Status, Presence of Children , Income, Net Worth, Automotive Data, Mortgage Data and Real Property Data.Popular Business Appends Include: Phone, Contact Name & Title, Sales Volume, Employee Size, SIC Code, and NAICS Code.
  • Ethnic, Religion, Language, and Minority Group Enhancements: LSDI can append ethnicity, religion, language and Minority group affiliation to any database, consumer or business. Our proprietary ethnic encoding system identifies over 130 different ethnic and religious categories, all of which can be coded and appended to any database within as little as 24 hours.
  • Email Append: Our database consists of over 200 Million double opt-in email addresses. We use a permission pass process to eliminate individuals who don’t want to receive offers as well as remove bounce backs.

Hygiene Services:

  • NCOA Processing : We are a non-exclusive licensee for the USPS NCOALink. In addition to 18 months of Move Update information and USPS Return Codes, we are pleased to offer DPV as part of our standard NCOALink offering. NCOALink 18 Month matches mailing list addresses to 18 months of change of address information for families, individuals and businesses. This data is updated weekly.
  • CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System –
    This system improves the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP, ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point bar codes.
  • Deceased Processing: Enables mailers to eliminate deceased individuals from their mailings and prevents disturbing members of the deceased’s household with unwanted mail.
  • Duplicate Record Elimination: We can identify and delete duplicate records from one file, as well as find duplicates and perform deletion processing across multiple files simultaneously.
  • Merge/Purge Services: We can combine many files into one file, eliminating duplicate records and report back detained management information.


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