Hispanic Households @ E-Mail Address

Hispanic Households @ E-Mail Address

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This file contains over 1 million Hispanic individuals who have opted to receive offers from third parties. This database contains a matching Postal Address for every record, thus enabling you to target these individuals with both an Email and a matching Postal campaign.

There has been a dramatic increase in the U.S. Hispanic population in recent years and it is having a significant impact on the American economy and its cultural landscape. U.S. Hispanic buying power has grown over 156% in the past 7 years to approximately $452 billion, a phenomenal increase that will keep climbing as the number of Hispanics continues to grow.

List Service Direct, Inc. has partnered with several online market research and survey companies to provide these responsive Ethnic Email Lists. Each individual on this file provided demographic data on themselves and has Opted-In to receive third-party Email.

The email messages will be broadcasted by List Service Direct, Inc. or its affiliates and shall identify the source of the recipient’s data collection and shall contain an opt-out feature that allows the recipient to electronically communicate his desire to be removed from the database.

TOTAL: 4,688,766 Verified Opt-in Email
PRICE: Discounted with Volume. Call For Quote.


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