Frequently Asked Questions

About Mailing List

How updated are our lists?
In today’s marketplace, there are over 30,000 different lists (databases) available for rental. A different owner or manager manages each one and their update practices differ from list to list.
For the most part, most lists are periodically run against the NCOA (National Change of Address) file that is provided by the US Postal Service. This is a file of all the people that have changed or updated their address. The NCOA file is updated monthly. Most lists are run against the NCOA file on a quarterly basis. This is also the case for our lists.
At List Service Direct, we are in a constant state of update. We are always adding new names to our databases and purging out bad ones. The names that we purge are those that have moved and left no forwarding address, people that have passed away and other undeliverable addresses.

How “fresh” are the names?

In the mailing list business, the word “fresh” is often misused and misunderstood. When thinking of compiled lists, there is no real difference between a name that has been in the database for some time and a name that has newly entered the database. Each of these names are equally able to respond to your offer. They are equally able to have mail delivered to them.
Some lists (mostly response lists) have what we call “Hot Lines”. These are the new names that are added to the database monthly. Depending on the offer, hotline names can sometimes mean an increase in response. Names provided from a hotline usually cost $10 – $25 per thousand on top of the base cost of the list.

What are the source(s) of the names?

Different lists have different sources. Here are just some of the sources we use;
Credit information, the phone book (yellow and white pages), surveys, magazine subscriptions, public records, responses to direct marketing offers, trade journals, membership lists, people who make donations, warranty cards, and telemarketing information.

What format(s) do the names come in?

Lists are available in several different kinds of formats. Peel and stick labels is the most popular format. We also have printouts (for lists with phone numbers), Cheshire labels, index cards, disk, tape and CD Rom.
Lists in electronic format are in an Ascii (ask-ee) comma delimited format. Which means that a comma separates each data field. Ascii is a universal computer language that is readable by most programs. Data in Ascii format imports easily into most Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word. It also imports easily into most database programs such as Act!, Access, and Goldmine.

Can I get my list e-mailed to me?

Yes, we can e-mail your list to you. There is an additional fee of $35 for this service.

How long does it take to process an order?

We begin to process orders as soon as they are received. Most orders take 24 to 48 hours to complete.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and company or personal checks.

Do we guarantee the accuracy of our lists?

All of our lists are guaranteed to be 90% accurate in terms of information and 94% deliverable. Anything over and above those percentages should immediately be brought to our attention and we will credit you for the names.

How many times can I use the list?

When you purchase a list, you are actually “renting” it for one time usage. Unlimited usage is available for an additional charge – usually twice the cost of the base price of the list. Unlimited usage is good for one year. It is our experience that the quality of the list declines after one year to a point where it is more cost effective to purchase a new list.

What is an SIC code?

SIC stands for Standard Industry Classification. This is the number system that is used to identify a business. Each type of business has an SIC code associated with it. We use the code to select businesses from our business database. You can find out a business SIC code by going to our web site and clicking on “SIC code search” on the left hand navigation column.

How targeted can a consumer list be?

With the advent of technology and modern data collection methodologies, lists can be extremely targeted. You must keep in mind however, that the more targeted you get, the more expensive the list. Here is a list of the different demographic categories we offer and their cost;
Geography: $5/M
Income: $5/M
Gender $5/M
Martial Status: $5/M
Mail Order Buyer: $5/M
Magazine Subscriber: $5/M
Computer Owner: $5/M
Donor: $5/M
Ethnicity: $5/M
Religion: $5/M
Book Buyer: $5/M
Credit Card Holder: $5/M
Homeowner: $5/M
Length of Residence: $5/M
Presence of Children: $5/M
Age of Children: $5/M
Telephones: $25/M
(/M = per 1,000)

Please note that some demographic selections might be included with your list depending on the database. We also have categories that are not listed here. Please check with your account representative.

How targeted can a business list be?

We can target businesses by using SIC code, sales volume and number of employees to name a few. Here are the different categories available on our business database;
Title & Contact: $10/M
Hotline $10/M
Geography: $5/M
S.I.C. Select/Omit: $5/M
Sales Volume: $5/M
Employee Size $5/M
Contact Name: $10/M
Religion/Ethnicity: $15/M
Executive Donors: $5/M
Telephones: $25/M
(/M=per 1,000)

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